Sep 15, 2008

Today's Oprah Show on Pedophiles

I rushed home from physical therapy today to watch Oprah's show on pedophiles. Important points were made, especially that most abuse takes place in the home or by someone with frequent access to the child. A new law and additional funds for law enforcement will help. But it still misses the mark.

What good is it if pedophiles at the top of the pile are put in jail while survivors of their abuse are maligned members of society and the nation refuses to see the greater truth? Organized pedophiles are like bee hives. You have to track down the "queen bee" and the hive at one of their gatherings for sharing their love of hurting children. But that's not going to happen because we all know there are no such thing as cults. As long as we believe that, the world is swatting at the worker bees.

It's going to take a leader to get people to think differently--a spokesperson. I'm "just" a survivor of that horrific world and a therapist who has worked with survivors to help them heal. I have the big picture and a few blogs. All each of us can do is keep trying to get the truth out there.

One of the last statements on today's show was how we don't understand the pedophile mindset to inflict such harm. The survivors have the answers. And the nation has been trained well to completely dismiss their insight.

One person can't go after this. Yes, we need dedicated resources to attack it. Yes, we need funding for the resources. But we also need to understand the pedophile mindset to effectively make pedophilia a target. It lives in the cults. Which don't exist (?) Do you trust your children in a community where no one is listening to where the pedophiles gather?

You saw today how one pedophile (without the help from others except through internet knowledge) could drug an entire group of girls at a slumber party and videotape them for the porn "community". What do you think they are capable of doing in a group?

Please visit Oprah's website to support the Protect Our Children Act, legislation about to come up for a vote to better arm the nation to go after pedophiles. Do it soon and demand the legislature not leave for their break until it is passed.

Maybe this other knowledge will find its way to the "new guard" in time to be included in their overall strategy to go after pedophiles.

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