Sep 11, 2008

The need to change

"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude."- Maya Angelou

This network of blogs grew out of a passion (rage actually) to educate wherever possible about organized pedophilia. The nation has bought the propaganda and those behind the propaganda are wreaking devastation for children brave enough to tell and for adults who didn't know as children but remember later in life.

As a therapist, I had few options for clients with DID. If the client had good insurance, she might be admitted to one of the country's finest facilities for stabilizing survivors with DID. Since quite a few in the early stages of DID are unable to sustain employment, Medicare (or whatever it's called) doesn't cover an out-of-state facility. The choice is a hospital where DID is not acknowledged--or worse, treated as insane. Not only is it not acknowledged, I have witnessed cruel remarks being made to clients and insensitive hospital personnel and law enforcement violating confidentiality while making cruel remarks outside a client's room. I am not alone with this experience. Therapists nationally struggle with lack of resources and lack of community understanding.

And the country is greatly lacking in therapists who treat DID due to the well-funded people behind the propaganda. They have targeted therapists for lawsuits forcing many to withdraw from treating survivors and have caused many of the country's treatment facilities for those with DID to close its doors in the past decade. Only a handful remain.

We need to change. We need to see the truth. We need to question what is being handed down as truth. We need to come together to fight against organized pedophilia. I'm aware of a number of good organizations going after the internet predators. But that is the top of the mountain. Pluck one and 20 more quickly fill the gap. Society needs to go after the pedophiles where they gather children for their perverse activities which will serve to both save the children and make multiple arrests at one time.

If any community is out there already doing this, please let me know. I would love to have a community to point to as a model. The first step to change is education about DID. I've tried to simplify the basics with the blog Forbidden Topic. The big picture of organized pedophilia is the focus of The Dirtiest Secret Behind Child Abuse. The clear recollections of children and child dissociated selves of adult survivors are presented at Believe the Children.

Step 1. Understand what it means to have become DID. The nation needs to understood that only children who have been repeatedly and/or systematically abused before the age of six are likely to have acquired the coping skill of severe dissociation. You wouldn't turn a six year old away trying to tell someone had *hurt* him or her, but our country routinely dismisses the those children who grow up to be adults unaware for decades of their abuse history because of the DID. It doesn't make any sense...except to child predators who want to ensure their nefarious activities continue to thrive.

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