Sep 19, 2008

FBI needs to open its eyes

I recall (consciously) about 10 years ago reading that the FBI had data on child deaths, missing reports, and abuse reports from all or many police departments. No column was allocated for reports of cult abuse. No one was tracking. If they had, they would have realized it was a national issue. Maybe they knew it would be too high and they'd have to dedicate resources to it which they didn't have. Who knows.

When writing yesterday's Forbidden Topic post, which IS the big jaw dropping, OMG picture of where organized pedophiles conduct the majority of their crimes, I went to see what the FBI's stance now, a decade later. The FBI website has a page dedicated to Crimes Against Children. Cults are not mentioned. Other information was found documenting the FBI's position that there is no evidence to support the existence of "satanic cults". One report purportedly from the FBI on another website did outline strategies for dealing with the new religious movements (i.e. Heaven's Gate, Waco). That means, organized pedophile is not activity being monitored nationally.

If that's the national perspective, how the heck is law enforcement going to effectively penetrate the crime of organized pedophilia? It raises a question about government culpability. Maybe Michael Moore will take this on as his next project.

According to the FBI's statistics, in 2007 there were 643,744 persons missing under age 18. Total missing persons in 1990 was 1.4 million while in 2007 the number had jumped to
2.2 million (not classified by age groups).

So here it is in a nutshell...
Organized pedophilia hides behind the guise of cults (demonic or otherwise).

The FBI does not acknowledge the existence of such cults.

No matter how much money is thrown at law enforcement to dedicate to go after pedophiles, they won't be getting to the strategic hubs where the children are being systematically abused IN GROUPS because they don't exist to our government.

Is somebody out there outraged at this as much as me? Someone whose voice will make a difference? How about all caring parents coming together to demand the nation wake up to this problem? Children are being hurt in unimaginable ways because our views have been shaped by those doing the abuse at all levels of society including government. Pedophiles aren't a small segment of society. They have woven their webs into every fabric of society. More is needed than getting rid of the internet pedophiles. The internet is used for trading what is produced in volume by the organizations pretending to be something no one believes.

You are encouraged to do your own research on the FBI and views on cult abuse (labeled ritual abuse). The FBI denial goes back to the 90s when Kenneth Lanning, an FBI agent, was the child abuse "expert". He apparently wrote his opinion informing law enforcement cult abuse was a myth. If you look at the stripped down reality of one survivor's memory of horror in yesterday's Forbidden Topic post, you can see why the cults are invisible. It's "just people".

No one is going to find the demons unless they know where the pedophiles in costumes gather for their no-one-word-is-evil-enough-to-describe activities. If you watched Oprah's show on Monday, you saw how invisible the next door neighbor and good family friend was entrusted with others' children without hesitation. That's how invisible the organized pedophiles are--unless you listen to the survivors.

Also consider that adult survivors remembering abuse are remembering from several decades ago. Possibly "their" perps are no longer on this earth, but this is one skill guaranteed to be multi-generational. Going to look where a "group meeting" had been held 20-40 years after the fact produces nothing. Interviewing survivors of the area, it is likely several locations will be identified. Law enforcement has to come down on these groups where they met AS they meet. The most current information would be an older child in therapy who is getting the correct help and is SAFE.

Since a child being abused by organized pedophiles is likely to have a parent who is one of the pedophiles, that safety factor is extremely rare. Maybe one day a pedophile at the top of the heap will talk. But that will only identify a local or possibly several group hubs. It won't touch the number of groups in this country.

Where is the John Walsh for this cause?

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