Sep 14, 2008

The big D

This blog is my safe place, more or less, to discuss and process what's on my mind after writing posts so entrenched in the pedophile mindset. Mostly I feel angry after posting about how children are spun around to cause disorientation. Why is that even questioned? We all know that anything to extreme is not good. When we play with children, they often enjoy being spun in circles. Think pedophile. Start off being a nice guy playing a game with the child. And then take it to the extreme. That's pretty much the basis of the mindset of inducing a dissociative state. And remember that they WANT the dissociative state so the child won't remember the evil perpetrated on him or her.

It's a sad reality that boys typically respond differently growing up with abuse, consciously or subconsciously, known or unknown. I've had the privilege of working with several men who weren't in the majority. Possibly it also depends on the sex of the abuser. If the main abuser was mom (and moms can be part of organized pedophilia too), it may provoke a different behavior response than an adult male in that child's life. I'm sure statistics are available but, at the moment, I'm not in research mode. Boys born or drafted into a world of abuse are usually taught how to be pedophiles. Girls are typically taught to submit to any pressure for sexual activity. Children tell by acting out. No child is born knowing how to sexually abuse another child.

There's an aspect of growing up dissociative I did not realize was so prevalent until I was a therapist working with survivors. Pedophiles can tell if a child is dissociative. I don't know how. Maybe we have an invisible D on our foreheads. It's rarely just a parent or single caretaker who was the abuser. It's a father and an uncle; or an uncle and the man down the street; or several brothers, a father and an uncle. Children who were a part of organized pedophilia seem to remember "parties" and auctions (children sold to the highest bidder for whatever perverted inclination the "buyer" has). I posted the link to a court case below. The pedophile charged confessed to placing an internet ad to trade a toddler for an older child.

Just imagine what it does to an adult survivor's sense of worth when memories of having been abused by many comes up...or being sold or traded. Such survivors have usually been in many unsuccessful relationships, have been predominantly promiscuous or anti-sex (or both when dissociative states are created), and they have no understanding of why they can't find the right person until they realize their subconscious world holds terror of men and so much horrific treatment.

I sure hope my blogs are getting people to talk about this. It has to come out of the closet and be examined. It's worth it even if I do have mild panic attacks after each post.

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