Jun 14, 2011

A Tortured Child Is An Enlightened Mind

I just finished listening to the audiobook of Dan Brown’s, The Lost Symbol. Basically it’s a lesson in ancient symbols while focused on the Freemasons. Since I am a survivor of Masonic abuse which was employed by the government in its mind control programs, I have a different outlook on the secret Masonic society, particularly the 33rd degree. Until 2004, I would not have been able to listen to the book. It would have been too triggering. I’m proud I was able to listen in great detail to known ancient meanings of the symbols and the knowledge of the Masons as gathered by Dan Brown in his research. Because I know the reality of the abuse that takes place at the hands of such people, I was unable to accept the main connection missing by the book. The 33rd degree Masons were/are not just a society of brothers who believe they are the holders of the secrets of the ancients, they are pedophiles with a purpose.

Part of the government mandate of programs like MK-Ultra were to explore the creation of dissociative parts as well as to study cults and rituals. The Nazis were the perfect combination of scientific knowledge on mind control who also practiced worshiping Satan. If I recall correctly, it was a requirement of the SS. My memories are of both kinds of ceremonies. The horror inflicted on us in such barbaric ceremonies served a purpose. All those wealthy wanted to know how to reach their own “divine power”. Apparently cults had already figured out that the dissociated children they kept traumatizing grew to have amazing and advanced brain activity. The sad part of this news is that all people have the ability to expand their minds…and without trauma. Perhaps the government thought they could figure out from us how to use the powers. The victims become the teachers.

Every survivor of government-related mind control has memories of using their mind in advanced ways and/or has extrasensory abilities. For me, that internal divine being is what Jung called Inner Wisdom. Until a person has encountered their own inner wisdom, it is such a difficult concept to explain. Basically it is the voice or sense of instinct. Any person can learn to develop their own brain power. Institutions are available to train people to reach their internal potential…without torture or trauma. I know this was a main objective. Unfortunately they also believed constant access to sex and the energy believed to be harnessed by the abuser when an orgasm was achieved. Parts of the victims brain were able to be electronically stimulated for children to have organisms literally at the touch of a button. I recall the first time I ran across this research. It made me physically ill that they could trigger an orgasm. It still feels like a violation just to type the words.

One scene in the book has the grand poopah of the Masons offering his teen son the choice to join the Masons. It doesn’t work like that. Children born to 33rd degree Masons are indoctrinated from birth as I was. No choice would have been given and the child’s multiplicity would ensure his or her silence about the organization. As much as I could listen to the book, I still tensed up each time certain Masonic terms were used.

If the book is correct that Masons conceal the great secrets of the ancients to ensure it does not fall into the wrong hands, that is laughable. They have it for one purpose only: evil.

What I do believe is true and have participated in such group/worldwide focus experiments online proving that a group of people thinking the same thought at the same time can transform objects. Thoughts have the power to change world. Focused power. If all survivors and supporters of abuse survivors thought every day that the world was positive and safe, we could change the energy dynamics. If we were able to organize a focused time to engage in such a thought on a regular basis, we might be able to tip the balance of war to peace. I personally believe it is that powerful.

Several close friends of mine know of my powers and extra sensitive hearing. If that is all they needed, no trauma was ever needed.However, another main goal of the government was “the Manchurian candidate”. We had different parts of ourselves programmed to do all kinds of jobs on cue with no memory for the event immediately afterwards. That was their great success. If you can call constantly torturing a child with rape and unspeakable acts of horror and torture, a success.

It is my wish that we survivors harness our ability to fight back silently and put good intentions out into the universe simply by thinking them. The intention would be positive as opposed to focus on killing all the perpetrators. The focus might be for a world without child abuse. Think it. Change the world.

Jun 5, 2011

Validation...A Bittersweet Win

Yesterday I found a link on Facebook posted by Jeanne Sarson and Linda MacDonald. They presented a paper at the Canadian Peace Research Association 2011 Conference And Annual General Council Meeting. The astounding topic was Spillover Torture from the Military/Warring Sphere Into the Private Sphere: Making Visible A Silenced Human Rights Violation and Victimized Person's 'Body Talk'(Clicking on the link downloads the PDF to your computer. It is safe. I have downloaded it several times and it is deemed safe by Norton.)

The document defines graphically the different types of torture employed in pedophilia to include the category of "torture to force dissociative responses". It was sickeningly validating to read such things as human trafficking statistics tended to be higher around military bases. Military personnel trained to do harm in their military positions with abusive tendencies were inclined to inflict the same techniques of harm on their children. I'm paraphrasing at this point and greatly encourage you to view the document for yourself.

Polyvore by grace22444

Most shocking to me, and the purpose of the presentation, was what is classified a torture in a military setting is not classified as torture in the private sector. In other words, pedophiles can torture children but it is not considered to be a crime. The presentation was to have torture categorized as a punishable offense in the private sector. A child might be molested repeatedly and the perpetrator would be charged for just that. If the child were also tortured, that, as it stands now, would not be a separate criminal charge.

It's difficult to get this document out of my mind. All I've been trying to say in my blogs was stated so succinctly in the presentation with the research to back it up. We, the survivors, have been telling our stories now online, through books, at conferences...being heard. Linda MacDonald and Jean Sarson took the years of research and put it together to advocate for us.

Thank you, Linda and Jean. I hope the world listens to your very powerful presentation.