Sep 13, 2008

First sense of calm

I have been intensely engaged in the topic of pedophilia and wanted to pause and share two images from two different survivors. Most therapists working with DID help to ground the client in "safe place" imagery. This is not such an easy task since most survivors don't grasp the concept of "safe" yet in their lives. Those who can establish a secure internal safe place for healing tend to do better initially in my experience.

One drawing shows the survivor at a young age safely hugging one of her littles (young dissociated self). She explained how she was starved as a child for good touches and how good it was just to be able to hug her littles safely. The other drawing reflects an internal safe room where a protector is holding two littles while one hugs his arm.

No two survivors will visualize the same safe place. It is entirely a matter of individual needs and choices. The therapist's job is simply to guide the client to visualize (with all senses) a place where all parts of the self can gather to heal when it is time for each to heal. Personally, I find both to be very soothing and calming images. It's a good start in what begins as a feeling of complete internal chaos.


Secret Shadows said...

I am honored that you used my drawing here (top one). I never thought of this particular picture as a "safe place drawing", but it really truly is. I feel hugged, nurtured, protected, and loved just looking at it. It is all I ever wanted in the world.

~Secret Shadows

Anonymous said...

I love Secret Shadows picture as well - I commented on her blog and I will opine here that many survivors have a picture like that in their head and heart. She just captured it on paper so well.

My best
Emily's Camigwen

Grace said...

Yes, her art is amazing. Any survivor with the gift of drawing or painting has amazing talents to express themselves. We who cannot draw rely on finding images as close to what insiders remember. A survivor who draws can draw exactly what is needed.

I too am so touched about images of internal caring for each other.