Sep 16, 2008

Crusader Rabbit on the warpath

Since watching Oprah yesterday, I was up several times with what seemed to be a continuous nightmare, recalling slumber parties when I was a teen at the home of my best friend. My memories tell me she was also victim. Her father and my father were friends. Our families were friends. Did more happen at those slumber parties? I don't know. But it sure kept coming up in my very unsettling dreams. Family members wandered through all nightmares. Just their presence in creates anxiety.

I woke up angry this morning. I mean fighting mad. Yesterday I made the effort to support legislation for more resources to go after pedophiles. How can we go after pedophiles with a vengeance while leaving the survivors of their despicable abuse in the dust? The injustice is palpable in my body. I'm turning into Crusader Rabbit as I type.

Here is our list of demands:
  • We need health insurance coverage for long-term therapy.
  • We need psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists to have incentives to treat survivors of long-term childhood trauma instead of withdrawing in fear of FMSF lawsuits.
  • We need the country to return to having sufficient facilities to treat adult survivors whose needs are beyond that of the outpatient therapist level, i.e. Sheppard Pratt in Baltimore, MD.
  • We need law enforcement and hospitals and social services and other helping agencies of the community to be educated with correct knowledge about DID so they can work respectfully and willingly with survivors.
Who is more qualified to help the newly funded law enforcement understand the entirety of the pedophile mindset than adult survivors who have healed to the point where the helping is empowering and life transforming? We are a vast resource of information but no one has bothered to ask and offers of sharing have been rebuffed...nationally.

We're here. We're healing. We're asking for national resources to heal from the devastation of abuse by pedophiles as much as we are offering our knowledge. And most of all, we want not to be kept in a closet. We survived ugly ugly abuse. I'm sorry if the world prefers not to know of such things. But we live in this world too. We are the adult survivors of organized pedophilia.

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