Sep 30, 2008

Footnote to video

I just have to say it. The appearance is that the FBI is providing safe haven for pedophiles. Is that the message they want to be conveying?

How much is government entrenched in that world? We all have seen so many politicians under the spotlight for sexual proclivities. I recall the one Dateline where a state legislator was identified as a pedophile. We know it is at all levels of society to include our vast government.

I learned something very important about pedophiles. Most of us know that rape is not about sex; it's about power. The same is true for pedophiles. For them, it's about absolute power. It's as if the person is void of feelings unless he or she is completely dominating another. That explains the viciousness of their crimes with such intentionality. I haven't known a survivor of this abuse yet who didn't believe she would have died if her mind hadn't coped through DID.

While women are in the minority, they do represent a portion of the world of pedophiles. It has been my personal experience (through the shared history of others), that female pedophiles are just as deadly with emotional abuse as sexual abuse. Know there is no remorse in such people.

"Sociopath: a person, as a psychopathic personality, ...who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience." (

It seems that pedophile is beyond sociopath. I've been very troubled since assembling the video, because the FBI's lack of attention screamed out at me. Maybe one day very soon our collective voice can scream back at them. Not only to add that one column to their weekly police reports for "reported cult abuse", but also to back up the individual's report at the local level with documentation. This is where understanding and accepting DID as the manifestation of horrific abuse BEFORE AGE 6 is crucial. Interviewing someone with DID under current predator abuse by necessity must involve speaking to the dissociated states who know the abuse and other helpful facts such as names, locations, or partial descriptions.

The helpful truth will be in the patterns of reports and child alter drawings. That's not going to happen unless the community makes it safe to report. So much change. Pedophiles and their spokespeople have run the country for too long.

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