Dec 13, 2008

Top Ten Favorite Things

I was going to start a new blog today to share happy things when I realized this blog was designed to share healing thoughts too. I shall now integrate a purely happy post into my blog. The inspiration for doing this came from a tweet (on Twitter) referring to a lovely blog. One of the posts listed the author's top ten favorite things. Here are mine (in no particular order):

#1 Philosophy Pure Grace, Baby Grace, and Inner Grace fragrances for bath, shower, body.
#2 My "zen garden" in full bloom (Sunflowers, wisteria, lavendar, roses)
#3 Spa day!!!!
#4 Italy!
#5 decadent chocolate & espresso (a tie but also put Ghirardelli in my espresso)
#6 Laughing
#7 Snuggling
#8 Watching my tortoise Lucy & turtle Nemo w/their funny attitudes
#9 Naps
#10 Something so beautiful it makes me cry

1 comment:

Vague said...

*nice*.... and to me, its a post that belongs here... it helps reflect you as a whole rounded-out person... and thats cool.... :D