Jul 24, 2011

The Lone Gunman

Yesterday's news of the gunman in Norway was shocking. We've come to expect such news in the United States, but not in Norway. However, the manner of the killings is part of an increasingly growing pattern internationally. One gunman suddenly begins firing into a crowd. I don't recall if bombs were involved in similar shooting sprees, but the result is the same. Home grown terrorists.

The "Manchurian Candidate" such as Sirhan Sirhan had the task of shooting a single target on command. Sirhan Sirhan continues to maintain his innocence claiming no knowledge of the shooting. I did have at least one part that was a Manchurian Candidate with an assigned target. I'm sure I wasn't the only mind-control person with the target. I freaked out beyond belief when I discovered this part of me and was so grateful she was never cued to action. It's terrifying to contemplate.

I see a shift from the Cold War mind control children having single targets to today's seemingly revised mission of one person being brainwashed sufficiently to "randomly" turn an automatic weapon on a crowd of innocent people. It's bloodchilling to know our government or its "contractors" continue to carry out this mission of using children planned to be dissociative to kill our own citizens...or citizens of any country.

Does no one else see this pattern? I may have addressed this earlier in my blog regarding school shootings. Now we have this new wave. If I recall correctly, most of the more recent gunmen end up being killed or killing themselves. No one left to remember when the amnesia wears off.

It's scary to admit I did have assassin parts. I have no idea if they were ever used and don't wish to know. Just knowing I had them was enough to shake me to my core. Technology has changed. Perhaps dissociation from birth has been replaced by the new brain implants touted to benefit soldiers in the field or for people to constantly have their medical information with them for health reasons. Anything used for good can also be used for evil.

I am saddened for so many reasons by the news of those who lost their lives in Norway. And I have little doubt the person doing the shooting was also someone who had no knowledge or choice in the matter. The hidden government agenda lives on. The worst of it is not knowing why this rash of large killings by gunmen throughout the world is happening. Maintain the fear/terror level as I explored in an earlier post or "simple" matter of population control...or both.

I would ask those reading this to think for yourself, do your own research on these types of shootings, and ask yourself if there isn't a pattern before dismissing these tragedies as conspiracy theory. Norway, the peaceful nation. I believe with all my heart there was a definitive strategy to that location. And the people behind these covert programs have no hearts and, I would speculate, no souls.

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