Sep 8, 2011

Pedophilia To Become "Normalized"?

This societal issue is sickening to me and to every other survivor of having been molested as a child. I have been watching a growing trend and stronger influence being forced by "pro-pedophile" members of the mental health community. Yes, that's right. Even mental health professionals (or persons in any category of life) can be pedophiles. They are now organizing to downgrade pedophilia from a crime to a mental disorder.

You can be certain any pro-child abuse movement has money and power behind it. Here is one link and you can research on your own for your personal edification.

Individuals don't have the power to fight such madness but organizations to protect children hopefully will pull together to stop this insanity. With the huge slavery trade that is now untouchable and highly infused within the international community and our governments, is this the next step? Is this part of an agenda to be society ruled by child-preying beings...monsters?

Please share your awareness of this matter with your known child protection organizations...and pray they can make a difference.


nferg said...

Thank YOu Grace for sharing both the pain and the release of knowing that comes as we intergrate or not- predictable or not. Miss you since PIW. Take Care and all of us are rooting for you.


Grace said...

Thank you so much, Nancy! Just went thru similar episode but able to get thru w/ skills learned at PIW, art therapy and t. Glad I knew I had PIW as back up. Hugs.