Mar 24, 2010

A Year of Healing

I was just checking my blogs and all seem to be unformatted so I'm fixing them. Was surprised to see my last post was March '09. I've decided fusion is a forever process but it's answers and healing and much more awareness of my conscious environment.

For example, I realize I lose memory when I pass through a doorway...a literal door "jam". It's not quite as bad since I figured it out. Also, I've come to realize I consistently blank out while driving at certain landmarks. Even when I consciously try to remain conscious, someone else drives right by and I miss my turn. Strange world I've lived in. Internal censor my entire life.

The good news is I discovered the very complex world of Alice and my programming related to a distorted Alice in Wonderland, Alice in Oz, and Tinkerbelle. All parts of each were found and a healed Tinkerbelle merged with a healed Alice to undo Oz for me. As moderator of the Polyvore group which includes a large portion of survivors of some level of programming, I see how many have some type of Alice/Tinkerbelle programming. My theory of there being a "perp manual" out there seems to be true.

Will be back to voice my take on the opposition to health care reform. Thought that's what I was going to do right now, but apparently not. Thanks to those who still peek at this blog.

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