Apr 1, 2010

A Look Behind the Healthcare Reform Uproar

This is my opinion based on my personal knowledge of the world of child exploitation and "grooming" children from birth with various types of horrific abuse.

The government is entrenched with people who are involved in and/or who take advantage of the child exploitation underground to satisfy pedophilia or other perverted needs. In addition, a source of funds from the slavery trade and other illicit activities is available. In the public realm, it is documented that very notable wealthy families are highly involved in fueling this "resource".

Republicans behind the "health care is socialism" debate are using health care as an excuse. If health care is changed, at least part of their world comes tumbling down. I was employed at a major health care company when I "woke up" and realized I had been doing something with foreign exchange in an alter state. I doubt I was the only person in that entire organization who appeared perfectly normal but really had DID.

President Obama probably doesn't realize it, but he began a dismantling of that vast secret underground with his health care reform bill. Why would anyone find fair health care a bad thing? It's not. But when it shakes up the solidly implanted world of exploitation, the ones defending their access to perversion and illegal funds can't oppose that.

Most survivors in my age bracket (mid-50s to early 60s) recall at least a few big names which tend to create disbelief. All I will say is that the two high level government people who came up in my memories were Republicans. And several wealthy men from a long line of wealthy generations also came up. Ones who are known to benefit from the U.S. being at war were quite prominent.

Likely many Republicans are following the leader with the party uproar, but until that "old guard" who has been part of the underground since the CIA began the now declassified MK Ultra experiments at the end of the Korean War, health care will be a huge argument. And let's not forget those whom the "old guard" has mentored (bribed) to be involved in that world.

I see the health care reform as good for all Americans and an unintentional great stride in putting a dent in the world of exploitation.

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