Mar 11, 2009

Pause for personal identification

Time of beauty
Time of beauty - by grace2244 on

Blogging will resume when my state of fusion has completed. It's been three months and it's not allowing me to focus on anything other than fusing. I'm online at with my collages if anyone cares to follow my healing/fusion experience. Survivors are welcome to join my Polyvore group. To check it out, click here.

Will be back when my fusion process allows me to be present for life other than internal work. The good news is I have learned many answers about my programming and some cues to cause me to dissociate.

Please note I've added an email contact on my profile for those who have been trying to reach me.


moreheads said...

When you get a chance could you explain or talk about what "fusion" means/is for you. You seem to be able to put your process in words. Nikie...

Marj aka Thriver said...

I know you're taking a bloggy break, but I just wanted you to know I appreciate your friendship over at Polyvore and I tagged you with an award at my blog. Check it out when you can.

Grace said...

Hi Nikie, I haven't checked the blogs for comments in quite awhile so sorry for the delay in responding. I just posted a collage on Forbidden Topic of my fusion. For someone who has been dissociated, the healing objective is internal cooperation or integration. I chose integration where all blend together to act as a single entity.

Since I was polyfragmented(had many alters), I went through two major integrations. On 12/2/08 I had what I thought was a third integration but turned out to be a fusion. I promise to write about it when I can. It's complicated but a good thing. It's the next level of healing and it is purely emotional and more connection of the jumbled timeline that was my life.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

cornnut32 said...

hi grace, i just wanted to tell you you've been such an inspiration to me. i gave you an award on my blog.

Medawar said...


also see:

The lady in Adelaide is in desperate straits, but it isn't clear if the chief perpetrator is a paedophile (they accuse her of being one, which is fairly usual) or a property developer. There is NO crime that a property developer will not commit: ask any Greek, Spanish or Australian fireman!

Grace said...

Hi Medawar, I just read the article at the first link and can tell you that is happening in my own area. Same craziness with police and firemen being involved with victims pleas viewed as crazy.

Maybe the caring part of government will pay more attention if words like dissociation and mind control aren't used. Technological stalking happened to me and when I reported to the police they insisted what happened was not possible. Nowhere to turn to report this horror. Thanks for sharing this information!