Oct 3, 2008

No one to call for help

In real life, at this very moment, the child alter "Katie" of adult victim/survivor "Christina" could be in the hands of the pedophile group that has haunted her life at least since toddlerhood. Denial by the nation allows her life to be in jeopardy every moment of every day. The police have given permission for her abusers to access her as often as they want because she is too terrified of the police to call them and I can no longer call the police for her, not to mention they scoff at her "problems". I'm distanced from her life and don't know the details of her daily struggles. I just know it continues.

Earlier this week, the adult body in which Katie resides, had a heart procedure to hopefully slow down her rapid heartbeat. She needs to be stable for the surgery to repair the leak in her skull from her brain surgery several months ago. She believes she cracked it open when she fell a month or so ago. But Katie said the "big boys" had pushed her down to the ground at the barn where she's frequently taken for abuse beyond what most of us cannot imagine enduring once in a lifetime, let alone several times a week. Sometimes her abuse takes place overnight or for a weekend. No one misses her because she has no contact with family and has no friends in her life. Good work by the perps, no doubt. An isolated victim is the best kind of victim. Katie falls a lot in her life because of her multiple sclerosis. And this group of men is relentless. Bruises are believed to be from MS rather than pedophiles. After all, what pedophiles attack a woman in her fifties? That's what the hospital and police see and hear.

The day Katie was in the hospital having her heart procedure, I was followed to my physical therapy appointment and back. Silverado 4x4s. I now have Silverado PTSD. I don't stop for gasoline when I'm out. I'll risk fumes to get home and ask my SO to take care of the car. I will run an errand if I'm already out because I feel safe in a store. I worry about one of them trying to cut me off though or do what happened last week--look as if they are not going to stop at a stop sign right when my car passes. I could kill myself swerving into another car or running off a road. Organized pedophiles don't typically kill someone directly. It won't be by their hand. It will appear accidental or suicidal.

To me, Katie is being murdered. I can't save her. It's not appropriate for me to save her or be active in her life as former therapist. I can report what goes on with me but I also know I can't report several people following me in several cars arbitrarily. They are always covered by that unbelievability factor. If I felt threatened while on the road, I would call the police. At least they would have had my report on file before my death. There is a pattern of the ones who follow me. It's usually not in a heavy traffic area. They hang back much further than safe distance. If forced to be close to my car, they usually pull along side to be intimidating in their big trucks with the lost or stolen license plates. On Wednesday they followed me from the hairdresser (as they had done at my last appointment). They always know where I am. Is there a GPS tracker on my car? How would anyone know?

As I got to the last main intersection before I got home, I saw at the traffic light there was a parking space as soon as I would make the turn. I turned and quickly pulled into the empty spot forcing the truck to pass me. This is not how I wish to live. I can barely think of Katie's situation. She and the adult who was my client will do everything possible to stay awake in hopes they can derail any plans the bad guys have that day or night. Unfortunately, when a dissociated part has the job of taking over and opening the door to the perps, and the person is not actively working on healing, it can't be prevented. Dissociation just happens.

Katie is a tragic example of what society has allowed. Most with DID at the hands of organized pedophiles have good guys and bad guys inside too. It usually comes undone fairly easily when the person is safe and in treatment. When medical issues caused me to stop being a therapist about 18 months ago, Katie's perps became extra brutal. The perp parts inside of Katie's body are stronger than she is because abuse has overwhelmed her life. She doesn't get a break.

My hope is that one day the police will understand how an adult can be "populated" by a few or many because of abuse. And if a report is made that it is ongoing, especially when a member of the psychological community is working with the person and assists with helping the client to feel empowered by accompanying her to report her abuse, the police will take an active interest. I simply don't understand law enforcement not wanting to pursue reports of an active gang of pedophiles in the community. I can believe they do not understand DID. But when offered to understand it so they could help the woman, they refused. Again, it makes me wonder how complicit at law enforcement is by turning a blind eye.

I'm feeling unempowered and scared that I can't call the police to help me and I feel such a sense of something that goes beyond helplessness knowing Katie's situation. Katie's story is every adult survivor's story when the organized group takes her into adulthood. Since memory usually does not surface until 35 to 45, they know they can get to a victim for at least that long. The age of Katie's body at the time her psychiatrist identified her dissociation and referred her to me was early 50s. When she dies, she will have never known a day of safety from the bad guys.

How common is it that someone begins to remember and is still actively being abused? I don't know if there are statistics about that. Apparently it happens sufficiently that I attended a workshop by one of the leading researchers of DID in the world in 2003 and learned how to help a victim become more aware (stop dissociating when hearing or seeing a cue and/or immediately dissociating at the sight of a perp) to stop the abuse. In that workshop, the real life example was an adult married woman at home whose perp knew she was alone at a certain time on a certain day of each week. She healed sufficiently to report the abuse as a healed adult and her childhood-into-adulthood perp was arrested and prosecuted. He had been raping her weekly because an alter answered the door when he knocked and likely another alter came out as cued for the sexual perversion. The woman just knew she lost time for several hours every "Thursday about 3 pm". The incident was in another country. I wish I could say it had been the U.S.

The technique worked to help Katie's host to become more aware but it was and remains Katie's job to do what the perps tell her. Katie tries to "stay awake" but has no control over another part opening the door or, scarier, an adult part of her from the internal perp side drives her to the barn or other mandated location. This is bizarre. I know it's bizarre. It feels bizarre. It sounds bizarre. It is a reality for life with DID. Where's a good cop when you need one?

I posted an educational article about DID and organized pedophilia on a website for law enforcement. Several woman made positive comments. When I started a forum to ask what was preventing law enforcement from learning about dissociation and working with dissociated victims, not one person responded. Don't you find that unusual? What is going on?

My wish is that, in my lifetime, the movement toward re-educating the helping arms of communities regarding DID will have begun. Right now, the pedophiles are winning from every conceivable aspect. No one is looking. No one cares. No one believes.


Valash said...

Where do I start. I am not well educated on the topic-thank you for educating. So pedophiles have groups of people that help them strategically plan an attack? I did not know about this. How can I help the victim?

Grace said...

Groups of pedophiles do create strategies but there isn't an attack in the way I think you mean. If you'd like to understand the big picture, I've created the Forbidden Topic blog to help those who don't know dissociation to learn it...beginning with the first post. Hope this helps.

I will get to relating to people who have DID later in the blog. Am trying to follow somewhat of a timeline for that blog. Thanks for your interest.

Anonymous said...

Grace, This account of Christina/Katie is undoubtedly exactly accurate. I *believe* it totally because it happened to me for years.

As far as i can tell, the abuse of myself, sister, and parents started when i was around 20 years old. The man that my sister was dating, and later married, was the chief perpetrator and he was skilled in hypnosis.

It wasn't until about 15 years later, after my young children began talking that i "found out" what had been going on. But it was a few years later before i remembered for myself.

For years i thought the abuse had ended at the time of my sister's "divorce" from the perpetrator in about 1997. But realized that the abuse actually continued sporadically until 2002, when we moved away.

The perpetrator was actually in our house AFTER i had been doing a lot of memory work for months. In fact, he was in our house or abused us outside the house at least three times after i had started remembering! That is sooo scary to realize, and makes me feel not grounded.

My daughter has also remembered that the rapist sneaked into her grandparent's house (while she and her brother were there for the regular visits) at least several times long after she had been remembering & talking. And on at least one occasion my sister took our children to a forested park at dusk, whereupon her "ex-husband" emerged from the trees. My daughter has not remembered what happened next.

This is tragic to me....that my children were brave enough to remember and talk like troopers, only to be accessed again and again by the man that had raped and abused them probably from babyhood.

This is why i believe your accounts so completely. Thank you for speaking out! We all should do this as we are able to, in order to get word out there. If we talk loudly and plainly enough, perhaps we will be heard and believed.

PS I know for a *fact* that there were at least several police officers in our area who were deeply involved with the occult group/s. Several other abusers may have just been dressed in police clothes. Perhaps this explains why, in some situations, the police departments don't show more interest....because of those in the department who are secretly involved in the organized pedophilia.

Anonymous said...

I would also like to thank you sincerely for being there for Katie and caring for her when it would be safer and easier not to. That is true compassion and love. You have done all you can for her at this point, and hopefully she will find a place of safety.

What you write of being followed by perpetrators sounds very frightening. I *know* your account is true because this is the kind of thing we experienced before moving.

Thank you for telling the truth and trying to wake people up.

Grace said...

I know there are many groups to help prevent child abuse. A few even acknowledge dissociation may be an outcome. I've joined some and submitted my article on the double language (which doesn't refer to the added dilemma of dissociation). Have also submitted my video and blog sites. No one has ever even bothered to comment or acknowledge.

What is most difficult for the world to grasp is how frequent the abuse is. Almost as if it is the one job of one or several to constantly hurt a victim. To them it's a constant "fix" for a need to control. Each client I have known with current abuse was accessed several times a week and weekends were worse.

I don't know how to start an organization so we can have a greater voice. Therapists are learning about this "intentional dissociation" now. They are beginning to hear.

Am still holding out for a call from the Obama Transition Team to help do that. I know how to each about dissociation. Getting people to want to understand is the greater challenge.