Jul 2, 2012

Post Trial Reflections

Now that the verdict is in on the Sandusky trial, I’m ready to speak out on the greater story. A highly visible sports figure has a secret life sexually abusing children and teens within the walls of a major university. Already other universities are scrutinizing their policies and rules to prevent similar circumstances. That’s the positive outcome. The nation is more aware of how child predators can operate by hiding in plain sight.

Those who are not familiar with the government’s involvement in funding universities to participate in illicit research and programs are urged to google Penn State University and MK-Ultra…or universities and MK-Ultra. Nearly every major university agreed to participate in illicit activities for funding back in the 50s through 70s (known) and beyond (believed and assumed). After the congressional investigative hearings of the 70s on MK-Ultra, it is widely believed that the program went further underground and likely goes by other names. Primarily, there is a government or government contractor related component of this organized pedophilia. Click here to download the Senate Hearings on MKULTRA in PDF format.

The CIA director in the early 70s ordered all MK-Ultra documents destroyed prior to the hearing but some survived and much related to the program has been declassified since the hearings. The component that goes with the pedophilia is research to promote dissociation in children. One of the “easiest” ways to traumatize a child and trigger the dissociative mechanism is frequent sexual abuse. Among other “benefits” to the government and abusers was that having a dissociative child (which only happens if abuse begins usually by age 6-9) is the lack of memory for any abuse for decades. It is possible some of Sandusky’s younger victims may not remember for another decade or more. It would behoove legislators who claim to want to prevent child abuse and bring perpetrators to justice to remove all time limitations for victims to come forward.

We may never know how entrenched Penn State was in the underworld but It is clear they were still allowing pedophiles to thrive within their walls without penalty until Sandusky finally was caught. You can believe behind and above and next to Sandusky lies an entire network of pedophiles and a flow of funds from a covert government agency.

What also is evident is the fear the victims had in facing their abuser. The threats told to children repeatedly instill fear beyond comprehension to maintain their silence. I salute all who came forward for the trial. And my message to those too fearful to testify is that you are not alone. You are able to heal from such trauma with time and therapy.

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