Oct 9, 2011

State of the Union

Recently I watched the movie Inside Job which is an extremely well done documentary about the events leading up to the financial crash and bailouts and beyond. Matt Damon narrates. It's the first time I have heard an explanation I could follow clearly and grasp the entirety and gravity of the financial collapse...and financial power of this country.

The following is art I created for a contest to show the misery of one's country (a/k/a muralism):

Muralism USA

It used to be called conspiracy theory that the world would be run be the wealthy few termed Illuminati, yet that is exactly where we are now. The Federal Reserve Bank, International Money Fund, World Bank, and financial institutions representing the top 1% of the wealthiest people in the world are in control.

Republicans began the financial sector domination when President Reagan first started deregulating the banking industry. During the period when the banks were investing the average homeowner's mortgages into highly speculative products, the Securities and Exchange Commission did nothing. The one monitoring agency that attempted to implement regulation was shut down.

Obama came into office knowing the regulation needed to be reinstated. However, with a Republican Congress, he has been able to effectuate very little change. In fact, most recently, his choice for economic adviser, is being fought because the Republicans want nothing to do with regulation. Some of those involved in the highest levels of corruption that led to the financial collapse are Obama's advisers because he had to yield to the pressures.

Leaders of the financial institutions that our country bailed out were able to walk away with millions EACH in bonuses while the middle class suffered bank foreclosures on their homes in previously unseen numbers.

The only way to protect ourselves from continuing to live in this unregulated financial environment where the rich keep getting richer is to provide our Democratic President with a Democratic Congress.

Please watch the movie, do your own research, and decide for yourself.