Nov 5, 2010

Call to Action

Wasn't sure where to blog about this. Have been in healing mode for so long but wanting to make a difference. Even though I am feeling tired and a bit unfocused, I saw a tweet about a Call for Proposals for the The National Council for Community Mental Health Care. Their 41st National Council Mental Health and Addictions Conference was looking for proposals to speak from "regular" people in addition to their high profile speakers. One of the topics fit right in with my desire to educate re the connection between DID and organized pedophilia.

The passion rose up so quickly inside me. I'd never done a Call for Proposal before and the deadline was less than a week after I found it. I tweeted that it would be my dream to have a national audience. Attendees will be members of the organizations wanting to help and protect children.

I completed the application a few days before the deadline and it helped me focus on how I would make the presentation. Maybe some agencies don't want to know that tie, but I believe most would be surprised to learn their missions need to be revised in some way to address survivors of child porn, trafficking, etc.

I may barely make it to aquatherapy some days, but I am driven to make that presentation. Am hoping those who are followers of this blog send intentions and good energy to the National Council for this presentation to be made. It could be a great beginning of true awareness. Those chosen will become known in January.


Oscarslovechild said...

Hiya Grace, Lea here, its so important for survivors to educate policy makers. Well intentioned they may be, but without the voice of the survivor, they will lack the inside knowledge, especially when it comes to implementing policies, sound good but come to nothing. You go girl

Grace said...

Hi Lea, Sorry for delayed posting of your comment. Yes, this would be tremendous to reach so many agencies at once. Could hope at least a few put a plan into action. Thanks for the encouragement!