Oct 3, 2010

New Motivation for Writing

While spending time on Facebook I've come to know others with blogs who have healed to help others. In addition, I have met other survivors still in the struggle. One blog in particular, Emerging from Broken, has ignited new thoughts or reignited past thoughts on my experiences.

In following child protection organizations I have a renewed interest in compiling a book on how to spot children who might be under the control of a pedophile. The earlier we can spot the victims, the sooner the abusers can be put in jail and more children can be saved. Just today saw news about a male teacher who had 70 victims before his recent arrest. This is an unacceptable toll.

The entire child protection services system needs to be revamped to support the protection and healing as new victims are found. I can help with early identification if I had an interested audience. Agencies like PROTECT are being quite proactive in going after legislation and changing the old system.

So many hands are needed for this endeavor. Otherwise, the pedophile rings flourish in secrecy taking more and more victims and ensuring future generations of the same.

Some days I feel so overwhelmed by the problem, but if we each do what we know we can do, it can happen. Early identification, protection, and support for victims of pedophile rings who are usually born into that world...invisible to trained tactics for children abused outside the home.

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